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Name:Recoilless water diffuser spray gun(New products)
Name: Recoilless water diffuser spray gun(New products)
? ?: Introduction:

QWKT8.0F - - 450 recoilless-fire without Lance designs, develops, the purpose of fire fighting in the front line to fight the fire scene, spray gun fire officers and men is undoubtedly the most intimate partner, but also the implementation of fire officers and men of the necessary weapons to fight the battle, it should carry forward the arduous task of spraying fire. It to many in the design, development officers and men for the sake of fire in the ever-changing view of the scene of the fire to upgrade water gun fight function to meet the needs of many occasions when they are in the high pressure jet at its reaction force (recoilless) very small, light hand, the gun in steady, easy to grasp water gun, do not need people running , we can alleviate the physical intensity of fire officers, firemen reduce risk and improve the quality of the combat effectiveness of fire fighting. The water gun adopt spent quality aluminum alloy for major materials, guns and pistol grip of the whole cast, solid light weight, high flexibility by the gun for protection from the protection of hoods impact injury gun, surface anodizing and epoxy resin coating treated with preservatives, perishable and durable. It mainly applied to professional fire brigade, non-professional fire brigade, ship fire facilities, civil buildings fire system facilities, fire facilities and engineering for the mining jet spray liquor use.
1. The handle connects with the gun body as a whole set. It is durable
2. There are square hole in the gun handle in order to easy take at the waist of fire fighters.
3. Multifunctional with many kinds of spray conditions. It could change the conditions and water flow with the gun head bushing.
4. Rotate the gun head bushing to start and turn off the water.
5. reasonable structure, low repair rate and easy to repair or maintains .
6. Lance adopt block the vents stalls with a fixed column in a long time and will not go flat spray use caused the jet of water does not concentrate so Ying Ping fighting effect on the market today by the DC spray water gun with it is not comparable.

Base tech data

1. Nominal working pressure: 0.8mpa, maximum working pressure 1.6mpa
2. Could get various grade flow with 120L/min-----450L/min throughout rotate the gun head bushing at the conditions of 0.8mpa water pressure.
3. Maximum range: 38m
4. Deadweight: 1.5kg
5. Could match 1.5,2.5 mouth, the joint style could be selected by customers.